00.07 – 00.23 seconds

Boxing system with overlapping closure,  is used the glue in place of the adhesive tape. A particular device eliminates the difference in overlap height, so the upper face of the box is flat. In the first part of the movie you see the rendering of the application during the  project and then the real machine.

00.24 –00.38 seconds

Automatic assembly system for kitchen and  wardrobes doors. Vertical and horizontal pieces are automatically fed. The amount of glue is numerically controlled. Squaring and measuring accuracy is guaranteed by the numerical control system. Can be used a combined method with hot and cold glue.

00.39 – 00.47 seconds

Image of wardrobes doors packaging system.

00.48 – 00.58 seconds

Glue distribution system on furniture panels. The glue is given by the robot. This application is fine for any vertical and horizontal drilling scheme. The amount of glue is numerically controlled.

00.59 – 01.10 seconds

Automatic assembly system for drawers sliding rails. The rails are automatically fed. The fixing is done through the numerically controlled screwdrivers.

01.11 – 01.22 seconds

Packaging System for Interior Doors. Is a precious product, the packaging is particularly accurate and developed with more protections applied in different phases.

01.23 – 01.40 secondi

Preparation system for cardboard box FEFCO 410. The cardboard is automatically picked up. The box is automatically built with two machines in sequence. The locking is done by hot glue.

01.41 – 02.18 seconds

Important packaging system for Kit furniture panels . The images show the  plant flexibility.: various dimensions of the box, panel protections obtained directly from cardboard, assembly instructions are placed in the box automatically, the box is closed with the glue, alternatively the box is closed with adhesive tape, labels are placed on the boxes. When the program requires it, the boxes are turned with the base upwards. The unloading on pallet takes place by robot.