About Us

In Maranello, Modena, epicentre of the best Italian factories, AUTOM Engineering Company has it’s headquarters.

AUTOM has its Core Business in the following applications: assembly lines, packaging lines, robotics, picking, selected artificial vision and quality control.

AUTOM performs the following activities: analytics ,  project making, producing, installation, testing and customer service.

In AUTOM, experienced technicians work using their complimentary experiences, allowing the company to work in complete autonomy. Know-How expands to: project managing, mechanics, electrotechnology , electronics, informatics, matured in the following branches: woodworking industry, mechanical industry, ceramic industry, pharmaceutical, food industry, chemicals and plastic. It’s presence in different industry sections, allows opinion exchange and solutions for machines and innovative installations.

Ecology, respect for nature , energy savings, savings on consumables , are the guiding principles in the Man-Machine-Environment relationship.

A new job has been created, even thanks to the recent years economic circumstances, an the added inducement it generated.  New projects provide solutions to present needs: bench – one requirement, the need for less manpower that has to tend to “zero man”, the demand for certified high quality and quick lead time to a certain date. AUTOM uses these guidelines when a project is made, providing technical solutions and an added competitiveness for the customer’s business.

AUTOM is constantly growing in a dynamic environment. It’s technicians have been operating in the market from decades, and the renowned professionalism of products and services, allowed it to solidify its strong positions in Europe and all over the World.