Woodworking Industry

AUTOM offers automatic and semiautomatic machines and lines, for the woodworking industries both in the panel furniture sector and in the solid wood sector:

  • Windows;
  • Doors – flush doors – solid wood doors;
  • Kitchens doors;
  • Kitchens cabinets;
  • Drawers;
  • Sectional Furniture;
  • General wood frames.

If required, you are guaranteed with high production capacity even with small batches or batches one  piece with automatic systems  connected to the main P C:

  • Possibility to assemble with a 45 ° or 90 ° junctions;
  • Use of vinyl glues, staples and screws of all kinds on the workpiece, designed to last longer. In many cases in order to ease the assembly, we use the combination of  Cold and Hot Melt glues on the same piece;
  • Hardware systems, pre and post assembly handles and hinges;
  • In fitting the workpiece, clamping takes place electrically or pneumatically, according to the requirements and considering the processed product;
  • Choice and quality control of machined parts with artificial vision.